Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cavalock and The Obligatory Food Collage

So many Italian food porn but so little time. Here are just some of the fantastic food I had back in Italy.

Couple of other things I noticed and found rather charming. Pet dogs are everywhere, in restaurants, luxury shops, trains, I like pets and I think it's great if we can bring dogs into places like that.

And you know how the stereotypical image of a traditional Italian restaurant usually features grandma or a matriarch figure working in the kitchen? Well, that's actually true cos I managed to take peek inside a couple of restaurants and there really is a motherly figure calling the shots in the kitchen!

Now what they say bout Rome being one big public museum is true. Believe it or not, I took waaaay more pix of buildings and museum pieces than of food. Like most geeks, I’m an ancient history buff and I kinda pride myself with being able to name some of the statues on display at the Vatican and around Rome before reaching the inscription. 


red fir said...

Totally can understand! There's always so much food to eat when you're on a holiday but there is simply no time & space!

imp said...

I went to Rome solely to see its glorious arcitecture and history. Glad you love it too!

Cavalock said...

ice: i tried bringing some back but was afraid the pasta might break

imp: I actually found the history and art in Florence more exciting and interesting ;)