Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Cavalock and The Italian Dessert Trail

Needless to say, I seriously upped my 'gastronomical' experience in Italy and France. Had wonderful food that I could never ever savor back home. This wasn't my first time there actually, was in Nice, France (and a little Italian border town) for a week a lifetime ago on my first overseas assignment. But I was totally still wet behind the ears and a virgin in every sense of the word. Not a really a foodie, oblivious to certain elements but some things never change. After all these years, only English channel on French and Italian TV is still CNN! :P

Well, I sure as hell enjoyed my meals a whole lot more during this trip. I ain't kidding when I say everything looked incredibly tempting. Don't believe me? Take a look at these desserts and snacks I snapped in Rome and Florence.

You can't talk bout Italian desserts without Gelato. I actually went to Gelateria di Piazza, the Gelato World Champ shop in Siena, Tuscany but that was closed till Spring next year. :( So I had to settle for these other gelato shots. Yah, poor me! ;)

Some ice-cream cakes in Rome that I had no chance of trying.

And after watching all those episodes of Cake Boss, I finally had my first canole in Italy. It's basically a piece of rolled up fried pastry dough filled with sweet cream containing ricotta. Seriously, where can I find canole back home here?!?


imp said...

You're definitely the desserts man!

Cavalock said...

Got some shopping pix too that I think you might find amusing. Post them later. ;)

ice said...

Arhhh.... those gelato... Jealous much!

Cavalock said...

Yah, really, really rich and full flavors!