Monday, December 05, 2011

Cavalock and The Italian Cappuccino Connection

If there's anyone still reading this, I know I haven't updated it but I'm back from Italy and France!

So would you believe a special invite from the Vatican to check out certain 'forgotten' tomes and manuals? Hah, anyway check this out. First night in Rome and I woke up to several unexplained bruises and scratches on my arm. Such paranormal manifestations were expected as some of the places I was at would have set a PKE meter off its dial.

OK, I know no one really wants to see that. Rome was my first stop and it was simply a freakin' delight to drink cups and cups of cappuccinos with delicious Italian pastries everyday. What really impressed me are the Italian coffee joints with the baristas working the long expresso machines. People on their way would come in, order a cup, stand and drink it at the coffee/bar counter, then leave. Fast and easy, why can't we have something like that here? Screw Starbucks! No wonder I couldn't see one at all in Rome or Florence.

My first snack on a very sunny morning in Rome
That's the counter where you stand and drink your cuppa (or to go), then you scram!
Geez, I got so many food pix to show, it's gonna be pretty tough to pick them out. Alright, how bout these cappuccino shots to start things off. Lotsa more yummy food pix and some crazy stuff coming up real soon. Leave a comment or tick below! <^;^>


ice said...

Tick tick tick, more more more!

Glad you've enjoyed your trip! Welcome back!

Cavalock said...

Thanks ice! More posts coming up!

imp said... lovely. the smells. what a good trip you've had!

Cavalock said...

The trip could have been better, will talk bout the missteps in another post!