Saturday, July 09, 2011

Cavalock and The World's Greatest Mom

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts for my mom over the last year when she was first diagnosed with leukemia.

Despite all the pain she went through the last year, she kept her sense of humor, always smiling and never complained about anything right till the end. She was the bravest and strongest mom ever and she always put everyone else first before her, especially me. I was fortunate to be right at her bedside when she breathed her last. We were also lucky that we had the time to say everything we wanted to say to each other and I could stop working for a year plus to be with her, I guess not many people were as lucky as I had been.

Right now I can so totally relate to Anakin Skywalker and Doctor Doom, when their moms died and how they flew into this murderous rage. If you ask me would I commit genocide and kill off an entire population of innocent men, women and children just so my mom would be back alive and healthy. In a heartbeat. Well, that's geek part of me talking...

Young Liz and Audrey Heburn aint got nothing on my mom!

My mom put the 'gal' in 'frugal', that's for sure. She strongly believed in saving at an early age. She stopped working when I was in primary school to be a housewife. She never spent a cent on luxury stuff, saved every dime she made and hardly ate out. Although she did say to me not long ago to eat whatever I wanted and never be stingy about food. She was a housewife and a fantastic cook, best damn steak and spaghetti and meatballs ever, made this unbelievable tomato sauce from scratch. I'm just bummed that I never got the recipes.

Back to the frugal part, it's cos of her that I firmly believe that if you started saving as a kid, you can afford to buy your own apartments without a mortgage or a loan, I seen it myself. She never believed in loans or mortgages. Being in debt was a fate worse than death.

Well, I'm eternally grateful and blessed to have her as my mom. It's all becos of her that I can do the things I wanna do and not worry about money. Worked in creative jobs I enjoyed even though the pay and hours sucked. I got a whole bunch of cool memories and stories to share maybe one day. I loved her so much.


red fir said...

You look just like your mom. (:

imp said...

she's beautiful. and i'm sure she's glad to have the time with you. hugs.