Monday, July 18, 2011

Cavalock and The Mars Muffin Combination

Back to your regularly scheduled posts and my neverending quest to be a freeloading food blogger.

After a long hiatus, we'll start with something small and sweet. I heard bout them sometime back but finally found them here at, where else but Meidi-Ya, Liang Court. Introducing the Mars Muffin!

I'm not a big Mars fan. Whenever I think of Mars bars, I think of my army dayz. That's when you'll see me grabbing and munching on either a Mars or Snickers bar in the afternoon. I really needed the sugar rush I guess. After leaving the army, I don't think I have touched another Mars bar since, well, I think I did have some of them little mini-ones now and then. <^;^>

Anyway, I didn't get the Mars Muffin, not into muffins and not into Mars (anymore) so there you go. But it does sound pretty yummy. Like it says on the wrapper, only 356 calories (like I know what's the recommended limit!) and there's soft caramel filling!


Anonymous said...

Hi there cavalock,

hope u still remember me..SassyLady i'm on fb...look for me Maria Zee..great to see that u r still actively involve with blogging..wish u the best of luck!! see u aroung ya!

Cavalock said...

hi there

Thanks for dropping by!