Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cavalock and The Uniqlo Collaboration

Whenever I'm back in Tokyo, there's one shop that I sure as hell would sure to visit and spend like an entire day there. That's Tokyu Hands and they'll be opening a store right here real soon. When I heard that, I immediately signed up as a store clerk and here's my uniform!

Nah, I'm just yanking yer chain!

Tokyu Hands ain't opening a chain here. Got the t-shirt at Uniqlo last week, it's from their Corporate Collaboration line of t-shirts, where they jointly come up with a bunch of t-shirts with logos of major Japanese and foreign companies. The other t-shirt I got on the right is one with Fuji Soba.

Managed to hit a couple of new joints this and last week too. Finally found myself at Smiths Authentic Fish and Chips at Tanjong Katong on a hot Sunday afternoon. Heard good things bout their cod but decided to go for the dory (S$10) instead. Now I wasn't exactly being cheap but S$17 for the cod does sound kinda steep.

Anyway, the dory was nicely done, fresh and not too oily plus the batter was crisp and light. The side order of mushy peas was good and not too mushy.

Next up was dinner at Freshness Burger at The Central along River Valley. Had the Bacon Omelet Burger meal, yah I know bacon and omelet for dinner does sound kinda weird.

Now if you are looking for a big juicy meaty burger then this ain't it. It was heavy on the lettuce and very light on the egg and bacon. Normally I would complain but it tasted rather yummy, cos of the sauce in it I think. As you can see, the side order of Freshness Salad is huge and I guess that's what kept me from going hungry that night. They got a Spam Burger on the menu, now that's next on my list!


ice said...

I love the mushy peas! The haddock was good, haven't tried the cod but I want to try the plaice next time.

Have you tried Freshness in Japan? How does it compare to our local Freshness?

Btw, the Haagen Daz mango & apricot smoothie is really very delicious. I'm crazy about it. Give it a try cavalock.

Cavalock said...

No, never seen or looked for it in Japan, in fact i never even heard of Freshness until they came here.