Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cavalock and The Carrefour Curiousity

A couple of months away from Carrefour and look at what they got! Never thought I'll be seeing this. Frozen macaroons, and I think they are Carrefour house brand, from France too. Nope, didn't buy them. For S$14 nah, I'll pass although they do look pretty good.

Next up, wine ice-cream or ice-cream wine, there's merlot, port, etc. Anyway, was very tempted to pick up a tub until I saw the manufacture date, they were like made back in 2009 and 2010. I mean, is that normal? Sure seems like a really long time to be on the shelf. Hey, I know there's wine in them but come on...:P

Yah, they take the alcohol content very seriously here. Remember now, you can get busted for buying ice-cream at Carrefour.


ice said...

I saw these macarons in marketplace & Meidiya too. haha I bought the haagen daz mango & apricot smoothie ice cream!

Cavalock said...

How was the smoothie???

ice said...

Very nice! I usually don't like mango in my desserts & I hate sorbets, sorbet is fake ice cream haha, but surprisingly this flavor was good. It's not really a smoothie, more a blend of the apricot ice cream & mango sorbet. Go try! Yums.