Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cavalock and The Confectionery Causeway

Here's another reason for me to visit Takashimaya these days! There's a new food or rather confectionary zone at Basement Two that's home to about seven confectionaries from Japan.

I remember some of them when I was in Japan. I definitely recall seeing the rotating 'tubes' from Juchheim. Didn't buy it back then cos I was already out of luggage space whenever I see it. But here they are now so of cos, I grabbed one Mine was the smallest and it's a little bigger than a CD-ROM for S$14.90.

Was pleasantly nice and reminded me of Polar's sweet rolls except less sweet and a tad denser. Some might find it a little too dry but I think having it with coffee or tea would be perfect.

Making or baking it looks like a pretty tedious process. You see the baker guy doing it layer by layer kinda like our local kuah lapis.

And yah, I will be posting more Made-In-Japan stuff in the coming weeks. I may not be heading there anytime soon but I hope what little I do here would help their economy.


Anonymous said...

love it!! never seen those pix :D

red fir said...

I saw this at Taka over the weekend as well. Didn't get any coz I'm not a fan of Baumkuchen. I find it too dry. Give me kueh lapis anytime!

There's a shop Wheat Baumkuchen at Toa Payoh that's supposed to be good. A slice maybe a little smaller than yours goes for about $5 and it comes with toppings like chocolate or green tea. Pâtisserie Glacé sells them as well, per slice only $3 haha. Muji too. Juchheim is quite pricey but I suppose you pay for the quality.

red fir said...

Oh yes did you check out the Hokkaido fair?

Cavalock said...

niki: Thanks! <^;^>

ice: I have seen the Wheat Baumkuchen too and i think they were at Taka some time back but I never tried theirs. Didn't get anything from the Hokkaido fair, no must-buys this time.

imp said...

I must have been blind. I walk by the basement so often, only noticed there're new shops around, but never really bothered looking at it to see what they've got. heeee.

NO! ice, cavalock- the Wheat Baumkuchen we have in Singapore or anywhere in the region is BULLSHIT. Try those in Germany and the ones made by the German ladies. They're moist, firm and awesome.

Cavalock said...

Yah, i know the wheat baumkuchen aint that happening. but this one at Taka is from Japan and its by this German baker who came to Japan after WWI, yah World War freakin' One!!!, and its already got a pretty good rep I guess