Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cavalock Eats Like A Food Blogger

I think this is how it feels like to be a professional food blogger! Free food, fine dining, your own personal little table and waiter, I mean the table that's little, not the waiter.

That's how it was when I went cruising the high seas earlier this month. Was my first time onboard a Royal Caribbean ship and every meal there was free, enjoyed all of them. I only paid for the cruise and the food was free and I'm not talking bout some cheap ass buffet spread here. Strange how everyone I spoke to or know never seemed to enjoy their cruise experiences. I had a blast! And I'm not even gonna start on this except to say it works!

Some meaty main courses , for dinner you got some steak and pulled pork sandwiches for lunch below.

And as much dessert as you like! Really, you can just keep calling them out. Like they say, there's always room for dessert.

My favorite meal of the day is still breakfast and this is something I always fix myself whenever I'm faced with a cereal bar. I mean 'bar' as in a cereal selection, not one them bar-shaped snacks. Heh.

My own creation. Sugar frosted cereal with prunes and pears. Followed by yummy banana pancakes.

Lots more cool food shots like my usual dinner glass of port, fishies, chicken and other neat stuff. ;)


ice said...

Looks damn nice man haha. More appetizing than 'land' food.

How much did this cruise cost? For many days were you on it? Seems like this Royal Carribean cruise is very popular now.

Cavalock said...

Cruise was bout S$800 per person for a balcony suite , got it on offer. I think the difference btw royal n star cruise is that u hv to pay if u wanna go eat at the restaurant instead of the buffet.

Left on a friday afternoon, reached penang on sat afternoon n left in the evening, then KL on sunday morning n left early evening, back home on mon morning.

people i know were always complaining bout being bored on board but i guess for me, most of the day was spent in penang and KL so i wasn't bored at all during the entire trip.

Once u set your dinner time on the first day, yr dinner table will always be reserved for u at that timeslot. Same waiter who knows u and all that.

i only had like one buffet meal (lunch) and i was thinking why would anyone wanna eat at the buffet when the fine dining food is free and so much better?

ice said...

Merry Christmas! haha no turkey this year? lol.

Cavalock said...

Merry Christmas! Nope, not a single piece of turkey passed my lips this year! Hah