Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cavalock Goes to The Kyushu Fair

With the long holiday weekend here, it sure felt like Saturday when it's actually Sunday now. Hmph, anyway was at Isetan's Kyushu Fair this morning, and here's the loot. Ahhh, my favourite sweet potato snack, can't get enough of it since that first taste in Japan. Also got a bottle of yuzu citrus drink.

More bottles of pure Japanese apple juice. I got a feeling I'll be back next weekend for more bottles before the fair ends.

Oooh, I had kurobuta (black pig) again last nite (Saturday nite). This time, it's kurobuta sukiyaki from Tonkichi at Suntec. Now, I dunno where the kurobuta I had at Tompopo was from but the one I had last nite was from Japan. Very sweet and tender but only like, six or seven slices I think. Portion was a little too small for me, was in desperate need of dessert a couple of hours later! <^;^>


red fir said...

I'm trying to stop myself from going to the fair... coz I know I'll end up spending alot. There's otoro ouch.

Why don't you get some kurobuta pork slices from the fair and make your own sukiyaki or shabu shabu?

Cavalock said...

yah, there's lots of stuff i wanted to get too but they r either too ex or too big portions.

well, its my birthday month so i get 20% off my bill, heh, that's why i had dinner there.

red fir said...

Oh Happy Bird Day! :)

Cavalock said...

Thanks ice! <^;^>

red fir said...

Bah!! I went to the fair today & bought expensive honey & caramels... see what I mean... :/ I had to walk away from the mont blancs & sweet potato puddings.

Cavalock said...

there's still this weekend!! <^;^>