Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cavalock and The Mooncake Festival

It's the Mooncake Festival again! This year, no Raffles Hotel mooncakes for me. Why? Their mooncakes were alright, but all these years and a dozen (attractive) tin boxes later, it's time for change!

This year it's these mini snowskin lychee-tini and ganache mooncakes from Peony Jade. You got your liquor white choc in the middle and very, very soft snowskin to all that sweet goodness together. Yah, you do taste a teeny weeny bit of lychee flavour in there but it's only there for a second or two.


ice said...

Oh sounds good! I'm interested in the mini snow skin Mooncakes with Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur from Majestic Restaurant!

Cavalock said...

so did u try them? any good?

ice said...

No... ate too much mooncakes this year!

Hey have a good trip! I'll be reading your twitter updates!

Richard said...

I thought mooncakes only came with egg yolk inside.

I didn't buy any this year. Couldn't find any in Spain.

Lin said...

Why is it that reading ur blog makes me drool?! omg...i didn't get to eat any mooncakes this year. =(