Friday, June 12, 2009

Cavalock and The (Not-So) Easiest Candy Recipe

When I first saw Martha Stewart did this on TV a week ago, it looked like the easiest candy recipe in the world. You got your savory Ritz crackers and your sweet Wilton Mint Candy Melts. All you need to do is melt the Candy Melts, dip and coat the Ritz crackers with it and that's it! Yummy-looking sweet, savory candy crackers.

Piece of cake eh? Hah! In your dreams, bud! I'm willing to bet first-timers like myself will encounter at least one problem along the way.

First, a little funny story. When I was at the baking shop to get some Wilton Mint Candy Melts, the shop auntie knew exactly what I was gonna do! She said something like, 'oh, you want to do with the Ritz biscuits, like on TV right?'. Wah liao, the show was on a weekday and I was at the shop on a weekend, seems like a whole bunch of people saw the show and are already making the stuff too! I felt like a deer caught in some auntie's headlights when she asked me that, felt like guilty for some strange reason. Was weird, but anyway the shop doesn't have mint melts and I think it's sold out every else, so no Mint for me but I did find some white vanilla choc Candy Melts instead at another shop.

Like I said, making them is real simple, just melt (double boil method), dip or coat them and they are ready to eat.

So what went kinda 'wrong'? For starters, the melted choc is freakin' HOT to use your hands to dip and cover the crackers, even though that's what they did it on TV. So use a small thong or something to hold and dip them in. And make sure your bowl is deep enough for you to dip in too.

Make sure you get an even spread ALL AROUND the cracker, not as easy as it sounds. The melted choc is pretty thick and hard to spread. I still haven't figured this out yet.

And finally, after failing the look test, did it pass the taste test? It did actually, am not saying that just cos it's me making it. Its got that sweet yet savory thing going on. Might be too sweet for some but I'm a sucker for white choc. Bet it would taste better with the minty melts instead.

So basically I make the mistakes so you don't have to make them. <^;^>


Noodlegirl said...

Looks yummy! I just got the cupcake book by Martha eeeeek gonna take me a while to make anything looks too fancy

red fir said...

I'm a sucker for white chocolates too! Looks yummy! I won't make any mistakes coz I won't make any cookies hahaha. I'll just eat them. :)

Cavalock said...

Noodlegirl: thanks for dropping by, your food pix are pretty mouth-watering too!

ice: white choc rules! <^;^>

dilutedmagnetics said...

Actually, you did pretty well :)

Cavalock said...

thanks lunch, u should try this out with yr kid, am sure u two will hv fun!