Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cavalock and A Few of His Favourite Things

The original purpose of this blog was to yak bout stuff I like so I figured it's time for some of my current fav things. Hah! The baby angel pix is something I took and I thought it looks pretty neat, just wanted to share it. Don't worry, there's nothing spooky bout it!

Got this JBL stereo dock for my iTouch a couple of months ago, I luv it. Four speakers in there and its great for listening to all the US morning talk show podcasts and other podcasts that I download everyday. They are sooooo much better than that morning crap we have on our local stations. I take the dock with me when I'm in the kitchen making dinner or baking and the shows just crack me up.

First issue of the new Batman and Robin comic book just out and everyone's going nuts bout it. The reviewers luv it, it's the number one selling comic right now and already into second printing. Completely accessible from the first issue, all you need to know is Bruce Wayne is gone (not dead but no one know that), Dick Grayson is the new Batman and Damian Wayne (Bruce and Talia's love child) is the new Robin. It's the only comic book I'm now buying on a regular basis, try get your hands on it. You won't regret it!

My new pedometer, Personal Trainer: Walking! And it's part of my Nintendo DS, as in I sync it at the end of the day, it spews out a bunch of cool info bout my walking for the day. Like the part where it tells you exactly what time you were walking or sitting on your ass, cos it syncs with your DS internal clock. And I made my first Mii too!

And when it comes to food, I guess it's no big surprise this is my current fav place. 3rd time dining at Tsubohachi in a month, this time with my 'roadtrip' friend. Took some pix of the food I forgot to take the last time.

The sticky pumpkin rice cakes that are just to die for.

Mushroom hotpot, doesn't look like much but it tasted soooo rich and yummy.

Here's something I had for the first time, fried bread sticks with soymilk and ice cream. Very sweet dessert that went down well with my mug, not glass of Sapparo beer.

And finally you just gotta luv those Japanese menus. <^;^>

So what are some of your favourite things? ;)


dilutedmagnetics said...

My favourite thing would be... my mobile phone lor. Heeheehee...

Anonymous said...

I am totally digging the DS that is a pedometer on steroids... hehe

Cavalock said...

Lunch: is it a BB or one of big fancy smartphones? <^;^>

April: did u get one too? luv looking at the daily chart at the end of the day!

dilutedmagnetics said...

It's just a boring old phone. But I'm shopping for a new phone for myself and for G. My phone's dying and G's phone is lost!

Cavalock said...

the new iphone is pretty cool but i don't think its here yet.