Friday, March 08, 2019

Cavalock and The Second Oden Visitation

Guess we liked the food so much, we had to go back for seconds at Yama-Ya. It was dinner this time and I headed first to grab a table as the Baker-at-Home made her way there from work. We had a good spread and got to enjoy the uni-ikura don that wasn't available the last time we were there. Looking forward to trying more oden dishes next time. I heard of another joint at Cuppage Plaza that does pretty oden as well.

So much cool shows to watch on Netflix right now. Watching the second season of Star Trek right now but I'm saving Titans, Punisher Season 2, Umbrella Academy, Polar, yah you can see a patten here, and couple others for later this month when I'll be bed bound. More on that in another post I suppose. Oh yah, am I the only one who feels old every time I spot some millennial or teenager watching Netflix Friends on their phones?

Anyway I got books and ebooks lined up as well. And I downloaded a food delivery app so I hopefully won't starve to death whilst I soak to death in me own urine. Which reminds me, this would an excellent time to start me writing again. Nope, can't paint cos that would require me to be in a siting position for too many hours.

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