Monday, February 04, 2019

Cavalock and The Sagrada Ice Cream Night

Always fun to introduce folks to the wonderful world of boardgames. Been ages since I had the opportunity to do a boardgames session and dinner at me friend's apartment. And the best thing to go together with boardgames is a good serving of premium ice-cream.  Having one of the brains behind local ice-cream parlour chain Creamier at the dinner party, means we were certainly spoilt for dessert choices that night. There were tubs of Longan and Goji Berries, Roasted Pistachio, Chestnut Rum, Mandarin and Carrot Sorbet and maybe one or two more that I missed out.

Had the Roasted Pistachio and Longan Goji Berries, and I much preferred the latter. Not too sweet and the berries weren't too overpowering which for some strange reason, I was kinda afraid they would be. Not sure if they are already out on sale, but I'll likely drop by Creamier for more scoops in the near future.

So one of the games we played that evening was Sagrada, a game I picked up in London last year. In this boardgame, we are artisans designing stained glass windows. We pick or draft dice to put in our individual window boards, following specific placement rules. Everyone loved how colourful and eye-catching the boards were when the game ended. Wish I had a picture of that! It's fun but a bit of brain burner and when you have five players like we had, it can take awhile to get to your turn as we are all staring at our boards and dice, and trying to figure out which dice to draft into our boards. Like I said earlier, I really enjoy bringing my games out and introducing them to new as well as old friends. My offer still stands.

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