Monday, February 12, 2018

Cavalock and The Squid Ink Disclosure

We read the hype and followed it to Beach Road where Fatty Thai was. Been ages since we had some Thai wanton mee and were kinda looking forward to it. And also since it's a just ten-minute walk from our tiny apartment, why not?

It was pretty decent lunch for S$4. The fried wantons I liked the most. The Baker-at-Home and I were in a rather ravenous mood that afternoon and unfortunately the wanton noodles weren't gonna satisfy us, so we tucked into some duck meat conveniently located at the same kopi tiam. Yah, there was quite a delicious duck rice stall there too and that helped turned a decent lunch experience into a much better one.

I swear the days have gotten shorter ever since we got Netflix (legally). We have been watching the heck outta it. And now they got the entire Star Trek TV shows library in there too! How is a guy supposed to eat, sleep and game now?!? Reading is now bedside reading, mornings are over at the gym, painting miniatures is whenever I'm free and I suppose I could watch Netflix or then again, that may not be a good idea cos I am after all, painting. I mean, you can't exactly take your eyes off your miniatures when you are painting them!

Now if you ever wondered where to get squid ink for making them squid ink pasta etc., you can get a pack from Meidi-Ya supermarket. The squid ink's from Spain and comes in little packs. One pack per serving I think? Another one them things you won't see at your neighbourhood NTUC FairPrice I guess.

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