Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cavalock and The Afternoon Delight Premise

Made our way to the newly opened unagi joint Uya at Wheelock Place. Freshly gutted eels for lunch! Uya was a good experience. Skin was just crisp enough and the meat tender and full of flavour. All right, it's way better than the unagi at Man Man at Bugis and just as good as Man Man at Keong Saik Road in Chinatown, if not better. I can't remember, been awhile since I been to the Chinatown one. Maybe cos unlike the one bugis, the eels here (and in Chinatown) are gutted on the spot and hence it's just fresher that way. I would definitely head back to Wheelock again.

Only minor problem I had with the place is how they had everyone seated the moment the doors opened at noon but only start serving bout half hour later. If I recall, Man Man already had them eels smoking on the grill before the doors opened and we got our meals pretty fast. I'm just guessing here. I could be wrong bout the reason for how long it took.

One fascinating thing bout staying in the Jalan Besar area is the opportunity to observe the shader side of life. It's not exactly a red-light district, it's more of an orangey tint. No legal brothels here but enough KTVs and massage parlours to make a guy's head spin at every street corner. Also, some of the private apartments here are homes to foreign KTV hostesses. Which brings us to this rather interesting observation. In the afternoons, you'll notice young dolled up foreign girls hopping into cars pulling up to them along Textile Centre Jalan Besar. They aren't streetwalkers cos they are specifically waiting for certain cars. I mean, I'm thinking they are probably mistresses or girlfriends of the drivers. Big cars, small cars, old uncles driving them, you see all kinds of local guys getting ready for some afternoon delight. And you know they be locals cos of the SAP school car stickers. Heh!

Anyway I ain't playing moral police here. Adults can do whatever they want and I don't think anyone's breaking any laws here. I just find it rather interesting to see this unfold daily... er... not that I'm there everyday but I'm pretty sure it's a daily thing. :) I guess it's part of living in this part of the island. In the evenings, the heavily made-up foreign KTV girls would be joining the dinner queues at the food stalls to pack their dinners before work. On weekends, local uncles would pair up with their foreign domestic worker girlfriends around the neighbourhood.

What can I say? It's just a fun place for people-watching!


imp said...

LOL at your last paragraph’s observations. I think these uncles must either be not savvy in social media or think SG is really big. I dunno....it’d be so easy to follow their tracks! Hahahaha.

Cavalock said...

I believe they really don't care. having a mistress is kinda normal for the older businessmen. that's why all the KTVs are always doing good biz.

imp said...

Roaring trade. Hurhurhur.