Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Cavalock and The Lone Red Erget

Good news bout the Media-Ya supermarket renovation is that it's finally done and it looks all nice and spiffy. Bad news is their selection appears (to me at least) a little more mainstream. I see less Japanese and foreign merchandise like beer, snacks and cereal. Maybe it'll be different in the coming weeks? Anyway the Baker-At-Home did notice that they have brought in more Japanese baking ingredients and stuff, with the below small section devoted to them.

Check out the new lighting above the kid's TV section. Pretty neat. Now even though the selection now appears a little more like what you would find in NTUC FairPrice or Cold Storage, there are still more than enough unique Japanese products to make me wanna drop every couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

So my 83-year-old Dad heard bout this lone red erget roaming the fields around Chinese Garden last month. He finally found the time to head down there one morning, almost couldn't find the bird until a drink vendor told him where it was last spotted. Real friendly little bird that wasn't shy at all bout walking right up for its closeups.

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