Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cavalock and The Classic Diner Yearning

It's the weekend and a month since I got back from the U.S. and a part of me is really missing the cheap, sinful meals that were so readily available there. A couple of years ago when we were in Indianapolis for Gen Con, our regular breakfast was this bagel joint but it's gone now and it's taken by ... (wait for it)... a gym! Fortunately our Gen Con hotel this year was nearer to the local Steak 'n Shake diner. Yah, it looks just like one them classic American diners you see on TV and in the movies. Right down to the grizzled waitresses calling folks 'honey'. Well, that's where we settled most of our breakfasts and the occasional dinner, they are open 24 hours.

I miss the above greasy breakfast plate so much. Probably not the healthiest thing to have in the morning but it's so sinfully good plus a hot cup of joe. There's also the extremely tempting 'all-you-can-eat' pancakes for only USD3.99. The burger I had for dinner was pretty good too except for the fries. The salt and vinegar fries I had was perhaps the saltiest pile of fries I had ever shoved into my mouth! Besides that unfortunate experience, their garlic burger is really fantastic too if you like garlic as much as I do.

Topped dinner off with a nice cup of Oreo mint cookie milkshake. Well, would had been nice if it came in one them tall glasses like in the menu. They got all kinds of shakes to choose from. A diner experience ain't complete without a milkshake.

No trip to the U.S. is complete without grabbing this off their pharmacy shelves. The Downers  sleeping pills I picked up the last time were no longer around so I tried these instead. Yup! Really knocks you out like before. Once again, it says 'non-habit forming' on the box so you know it's definitely safe! ;)

Two years later, I still don't understand why we can't buy this off the shelf here in Singapore. If the authorities are afraid someone is gonna OD on it but you can OD on aspirin too right? If someone seriously wants to OD, that individual can OD on just about any other legal drug presently on sale in the market. So what's the real reason we can't find these Benzos on sale here? If you take a closer look, this new one is 50mg, twice the dosage of the last pack I bought two years ago.


imp said...

Sleep gels!!! I've completely forgotten about them. Okay, I need to stock up now.

Cavalock said...

Lol, I always have a blast standing in front of their med aisle in the pharmacy. Just staring at all them miracle cures and their promises.