Monday, June 13, 2016

Cavalock and The Unagi Fulfillment

So how far would you travel for what may well be the best unagi meal you ever had? Well, I spent the early morning travelling by train from Osaka to Kyoto, then climbed aboard the old "Sagano Romantic Train" before arriving at scenic Arashiyama, trekked through the fabled bamboo forest before standing in line for almost an hour at the popular Unagi Hirokawa restaurant, just in time for lunch.

Annnnnd it was worth every minute of that long trek. Charcoal-grilled unagi, that'll almost melt in your mouth. Definitely worth the wait if you are ever in the area. I dare say we were seriously spoilt after this. I doubt if any unagi meal back home would come close to this. And the funny thing is, it was only after we returned home did we remember that it was a one-Michelin star restaurant. Hah!

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