Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cavalock and The Matcha Manifestation

You just can't get enough of matcha in Japan especially when you are in Osaka and Kyoto, yah, I was in Kyoto too. More on that in another post. You can smell it a mile away, the matcha bakery is something I couldn't get enough of. You know that strong matcha aroma you are getting in Kyoto is the real deal. Wish I snapped a pix of the bun's centre, well just use your imagination of more gorgeous matcha cream flowing its centre.

And now this. Once again in the why-the-hell-can't-we-have-this-here department, found this entire rack of DIY miniature shops and houses in Tokyu Hands. If only I had any more shelf space that aren't already filled with Lego constructions, boardgames or books. Yah, I would definitely consider buying and building one of these Japanese minis.

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