Monday, May 09, 2016

Cavalock and The Start of The Retro Renovation

My friend's third dessert joint Creamier at Gillman Barracks had its official opening on Saturday and I was fortunate enough to score an invite to the afternoon event. The place looks a lot better now that they got the outdoor furniture. Had a scoop of their new kaya toast flavour and it was as good as I expected. You can't miss the rich familiar pandan coconut taste and the tiny pieces of bread or toast in the ice-cream adds texture to the whole deal. Well, the place was wonderfully packed with families and friends. I even ran into some ex-colleagues form the old agency. Unfortunately an early dinner engagement that evening meant I couldn't stay for the lion dance. But I'll drop by again real soon.

Hail Cesar, The Hateful 8, Daredevil Season 2, American Horror Hotel, the list goes on. Yes, I'm finally catching up on my iPad shows. The last few weeks and I suspect the coming weeks as well, will be rather busy for me. Renovation works on the old family home is set to begin next month. Yikes! And it sure ain't cheap bringing a relic like that into the 21st century. The retro flooring and metal grills, we are definitely trying to keep most of them. Some can't be saved as they are cemented into the bloody walls and when work starts, they'll have to be ripped or jack-hammered outta them. I absolutely love those rows of air holes in the walls as the fresh air from outside circulates and prevents the entire place from getting stale. But they'll have be sealed shut cos the place is gonna be air-conned.

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