Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cavalock and The Cheese Steak Wonderment

Yikes! Looks like its been ages since I posted but I do have a good reason for that but I just don't wanna jinx it by letting the cat outta the bag so soon. I definitely still enjoy writing! Anyway I took a walk round my neighbourhood couple weeks ago and looks like another one bites the dust.

The cute little Japanese dessert joint Karafuru is no longer in biz. To be honest, I ain't exactly surprised as the place was usually empty even during dinner time. I only ate there once and while the eclairs tasted really good, the price was just too expensive for me to pay them another visit. And I guess others must have felt the same way too or maybe there's another reason why they are closed?

Well, I did managed to finally drop by a place I have been meaning to try for months now. Had a quick dinner at Park Bench Deli near Amoy in the Central Biz District. Their cheese steak was pretty good at a decent price (S$16). Nice amount of fat in the steak, I'm guessing it's sirloin (even though it says brisket in the menu). Heh, every time I'm in that area and I see all the office drones, I'm just soooooo glad I'm outta the rat race.

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