Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cavalock and The Breakfast Zombie

Braaaaains! Probably or hopefully the closet I'll ever get to being a zombie. Yup, it's another dish from my recent Penang escapade that I suspect would virtually impossible to find back home. and even if I did, it'll never be as cheap as couple of bucks like in Malaysia. Never imagined I'll be having brains for breakfast but there I was at Hon Kei Food Corner, 45 Kampong Malabar George Town tucking into a bowl of noodles and pig organs!

Extremely flavourful broth and delicious organs cooked to perfection. Check this out, you got your minced pork, liver, kidneys, heart, intestine, tripe and brains. One of our most memorable meals in Penang.

And now this. The quaint balcony getaway just next to our little room at the top floor of Campbell House. Pity we didn't really have time to make any decent use of it. I can definitely picture it being a cool place to unwind after an all-day eating marathon.

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