Thursday, September 03, 2015

Cavalock and The Coffee Jelly Enthrallment

Coffee Jelly!!! A simple yet highly addictive dessert that I just can't get enough of whenever I'm done with a heavy Japanese meal. It's usually a toss-up between this or some matcha concoction. Coffee jelly is exactly what it is. A popular Japanese dessert created back during the Taisho period in the 1910s, it's a glob of jello made from sweetened coffee and served with cream or condensed milk.

While in Tokyo, it was my second choice for best takeaway dessert after the city's amazing Haagen-Dazs selection. We even bought a box from Gateau Festa Harada while getting our usual bread snack fix there. Comes with little creamer packs too and with the DIY part, it's really convenient to enjoy it anytime back home.

Another dessert snack I had was the popular cheese tart by Bake. It's a Sapporo brand of cheese tarts and they have a shop not far from our hotel in Shinjuku. It's apparently baked from three different cheeses and they taste so light and fluffy! To savour the cheese tart at its finest, you must eat it while it's still hot and fresh out of the oven.

And now this. You know you got a serious hard-on for Lego when you spend almost S$50 on an official Lego iPhone 6 Plus case in Tokyo, even though you don't even own an iPhone 6 Plus.

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