Sunday, November 09, 2014

Cavalock and The Cross Border Cookie Raid

Slipping across the border was such a blast the last time that we decided to do it again! So there we were, back in Tijuana Johor Bahru on a sunny Wednesday morning. Our first stop was the massive supermarket Tesco at KSL mall and as expected, we were treated to several rather interesting tidbits that I believe one cannot find back home. We have seen their regular butter cookies sold here but Kjeldsen's appears to have a more impressive selection available in neighboring Mexico Malaysia.

Check this out. Hazelnut, pistachio nut and macadamia nut cookies from Denmark. Pretty neat, eh? Betcha don't see them at your local Fairprice or Cold Storage. Got a tin of pistachio nut cookies for only about S$8 plus. Had several for tea and I'm afraid it was way more chocolate chips than pistachio nuts. They weren't bad but not as nutty as I would have liked.

Also spotted at Tesco were these handy Kewpie salad dressing bottles. Now I have spotted their roasted sesame dressing on sale at Cold Storage here for over five bucks but not these two. According to their website, there is still an elusive sesame soy sauce that I have yet to encounter. I like their famous Japanese mayo dressing but I'm not so sure bout these.

Lunch was just across the road from KSL mall at the popular Soon Soon Heng bak kut teh restaurant. You can tell it's a crowd favourite cos it was already packed with groups of senior citizens from Singapore even before noon. I especially like how one can choose from an array of delectable ingredients like meatballs, mushrooms, liver etc. and then customise your very own bak kut teh soup. And yes, it's the darker, more herbal and certainly more flavorful Malaysian broth that I have yet to find back home.

With the spotlight on the Ebola scare in New York City, I thought I'll just share some stuff I found in the old family home. My late uncle's health papers from his stay in New York during the 1970s. I definitely wasn't handed one of those Health Alert Notice cards when I was in the Big Apple a few months ago. The retro vaccination booklets (yes, I actually have an extra blank copy!) are pretty awesome. I got kinda choked up looking at the World Trade Centre ones.


Then there's this white envelope filled with crisp two-dollar bills from 1976 that was tucked in the back of my late uncle's desk. Go figure. I swear to gawd the bizarre things I continue to find in the old family home never fails to amaze me.


muchadoabouteating said...

Saw the sesame soy sauce on !

Cavalock said...

Oh ok, thanks! Will keep an eye out for it.