Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cavalock and The Second Thanksgiving Effect

It's been more than a couple years since I did a thanksgiving post. My life hasn't been exactly going zip-a-dee-doo-dah all the way these days. Being a caregiver can be extremely draining, both mentally and emotionally. But really, there are a ton of things that I am thankful for. For starters, I'm always grateful for every meal I have. Case in point, the new Japanese joint Mitsuba at Central by the same couple behind Wasabi Tei and Chikuwa Tei. As expected, thick generous slices of fresh sashimi that I'm pretty sure everyone here can be thankful for.

I'm also thankful for a whole bunch of other stuff but I'm just gonna mention a couple of them. I do feel very lucky that I can still indulge in my geeky activities despite being a seriously stressed-out caregiver. From meeting with the guys for our regular boardgame or cardgame sessions, to being given a chance to write for local HereBeGeeks site (Mel's Muses), thanks guys! Now I wouldn't mind if there are more opportunities for me to write other stuff like stories somewhere else online or off.

There's always also our amazing local libraries that are always filled with hundreds and hundreds of some of the best comic books or graphic novels in the world. Have been de-stressing by reading all them DC and Marvel goodies for a decade now. And guess what, I just checked out my 1,000th graphic novel earlier this month! With the average price of a trade paperback or hardcover trade going for at least S$30 each, I think it's safe to say I saved about S$30,000 or more on comic books!

Yes, I keep a list of every graphic novel I borrowed, I'm geeky that way!
Thank you too to a family who taught me the virtues of $aving for a rainy day and who left me a real, freakin' House of Mystery to ... to ... I still dunno what I'm gonna do with it. Every time I'm there, I'll find something old that's part of my family, and I'll start feeling weird. But I do know it's gonna be one hell of a logistical nightmare cleaning/clearing up the place.


red fir said...

As a caregiver, you are very awesome. (:

red fir said...

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Cavalock said...

Thanks. Hope u had a great thanksgiving too