Monday, November 26, 2012

Cavalock and The Senors Rios Parapraxis

"Senors Rios?" "What? Are they a mariachi band?" Yah, that was the first thing that ran through my mind when I heard bout folks here heading to a Sigur Ros concert. Well, after reading the tweets I think I know who they are, they are a hipster band from Mexico! Hah, the night after that I was out watching The Jersey Boys and the scary part is I know almost all the songs in it. I just thought it was pretty strange or ironic that years ago I used to cover the music beat for a local rag, even though I wasn't totally into the scene I was familiar with the gigs and who's on the charts and all that. My taste in music is kinda stuck in the 50s and 60s then I sort of skipped past most of the pre-Sat Night Fever 70s (I can thank my family for all that), before falling heads over heels into the 80s scene.

Alright, back to food! Finally had a 'proper' Vietnamese meal here in this country. Reason I said 'proper' is cos the only other time I ever stepped into a Vietnamese joint here was to have a cup of their coffee. But I have had full meals in Vietnamese restaurants before, just not in this country.

Nam Nam's Viet iced coffee tasted like regular ice coffee
Checked out the Nam Nam restaurant in the basement of Raffles City this week. Been there twice and ordered the same pho with beef slices, and pork and prawn spring rolls. Reason I had it again was cos I liked them, lotsa tender beef slices and them rolls were tasty too. Unfortunately everything else wasn't that good. Service was real fast during my first visit. But they misplaced my order during the second visit and I waited for like 20 minutes. First time I ordered the spring rolls, there were 3 in a serving. Second time, there were 4 spring rolls. Here's hoping for 5 the next time.

So I guess the one word to describe the experience at Nam Nam is "inconsistent". Plus the fact that I kept pronouncing 'Pho' as 'Fool' was pretty embarrassing too. :P

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