Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Cavalock Goes To The Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Con

First up, let's get this outta the way, this is not a food post. Ain't nothing bout no food here (triple negatives). It's all about this year's Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention that just ended last weekend. Like last year, I'm really lucky to be a part of it again although I wasn't moderating a panel this time.

I had a great time catching up with fellow geeks and bought a bunch of stuff mostly for my friends. Unfortunately I felt that most of the things I had my eye on were a little too expensive. There are lots more pix and articles at sites like Here Be Geeks (a great local geek site that I do write-ups for, under Mel's Muses) and Red Dot Diva. Way more better pix at those sites! ;)

I couldn't believe it but the most money I spent at the convention was for ... not comics, not action figures, not games but cuff links! When I told them there's a booth selling super-hero cuff links, almost everyone wanted at least a pair. So I ended up buying a dozen pairs of cuff links! And nope, I didn't get one for myself.

If I had the space or money, these are the things I would definitely have bought. Giant Star Wars Lego displays and/or the very cool Super Alloy Special Edition Batman figure.

Below we got a wonderful Thor sketch by Marvel Comics artist Tan Eng Huat from Malaysia! Plus another gorgeous sketchbook by Wendy Chew, just like last year.

Finally a shout-out to all the incredible cosplayers at the convention! Deep respect to all of them, who spent countless hours and $$$ putting their outfits together. As a DC Comics fan, I thought these ladies were really the best of the best. You got Power Girl and Supergirl, Oracle and Poison Ivy.

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