Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cavalock and The Italian Birthday Buffet

Believe it or not, as I'm writing this post about fancy Italian joint Basilico at Regent Hotel, I'm getting ready for my second visit there. Needless to say, I absolutely enjoyed my birthday buffet lunch there last Saturday and looking forward to dinner next.

I was really impressed by the spread of "authentic regional Italian cuisine". Started with some seafood soup that really hit the spot. Followed by that mixed plate of goodies you see below.

Now over the last couple years, I had good gnocchi and I had bad gnocchi. I'm so glad to say that the gnocchi I had at Basilico was great gnocchi. Whew! I was really worried that the spoonfuls of gnocchi I grabbed at the buffet bar was gonna sucked but thankfully it didn't.

The other dishes I had were all pretty good too. My only regret was there was no Florentine Steak on the buffet menu. Was so hoping for some. One of the best damn meals I had while in Italy last year.

As you can tell from the above pix, I ain't the kinda guy who piles his buffet plate. I would make a dozen trips to the buffet table then have a messy plate.

Sweet heavenly canoles! Just a little too nutty for me but hell, I still had two of them. ;)


M. said...

Happy birthday!

Cavalock said...

Thanks M!

imp said...

I'm late withe wishes! But they're still sincere! Here's to many happy healthy returns of the day. Keep the strength, faith and cheer.

Cavalock said...

Thank you Imp! Enjoyed reading your Korea trip posts! Not a very big fan of things Korean (hence the absence of any Korean posts in my blog!) but really found your articles most entertaining! ;)