Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cavalock and The Birthday Vinegar Loot

Paul is finally here! Had my first taste of Paul bakery while in London couple years ago and it looks like they'll be at Takashimaya before the end of the year.

And some pix I took of Paul while in London. I only have delicious memories of the place so you can't go wrong with it.

Now just to show that even though I'm a year older today than I was three days ago, I can be as hip as the next teenager in town. Alas my H&M loot from not this local outlet, but Tokyo and London.

Two pretty thick black hats or caps, one from London the other from Tokyo that I only wear when I'm outta this country. Yes, I think any guy who wears a hat in this weather has gotta be nuts. I know, strange thing to say especially when I'm responsible for this. :P

14 different pairs of socks from London! One set has the days of the week on them while the other set consists of different color combos. Luv them and they are now the only socks I wear all the time.

As usual, it's either all bout food or all bout geeky stuff on my birthday. And since I didn't buy a single item made outta plastic this year. Here are some of the yummy goodies I got instead and yes, they are from the Kyushu Fair at Isetan.

Ok, I might have got just a little overboard with the vinegar drink here but damn, they really taste great. Mix it with Sprite or on the rocks. That's over a hundred bucks of (lime black vinegar, brown rice, brown rice with apple, plum) vinegar right there!

A Maple Syrup with Pudding Fresh Roll (Birthday?) Cake by Japanese Iron Chef Sakai. I know it sounds terribly sweet but it isn't. It's light and not too sweet, the pudding gives it a nice different texture to the sponge cake.


red fir said...

I thought only women drink these vinegars hahaha. Bought the chocolate roll cake. Very yummy, but I didn't like the dorayaki with pudding.

red fir said...

And happy belated birthday again!

Cavalock said...

Hah, thanks! Well, the Japanese uncle gave me a sample and it tasted great so I guess the rest is history. ;)