Friday, August 26, 2011

Cavalock and The Stingray Mussels Duality

Let's see now, my 2-month freelance gig has just ended but that doesn't mean I got nothing to do, not by a long shot ... well, not till the end of the year at least I think. Although they did asked me to stay for a couple more months, I said 'no'. Well, it's never too early to stop and smell the roses, and do the things you always wanted to.

I read this in the papers earlier this year, "Retirement is about taking a break from work pressure, it's about having time to do all the things you have had to put off, it's about freedom.

It is not essential to retire rich, but it is important to enough to retire carefree."

Since my mom's passing, I learned that there are waaaaaay more important things in life than work and getting caught in the rat race. Family, friends, doing the things you have always wanted to do and experiencing new things, I'll try to pack them all in or maybe I'll just veg out. <^;^>

Alright back to food talk. Here's my new fav cheap food stall, at Lavender food court.

Their combo meals are what I go for. For S$4.50, you get one seafood like stingray or squid with rice and a sunny side-up egg. And for S$7.00, you get two seafood and rice.

I think these combo meals are a great idea. If an entire BBQ stingray is too much for you, you can have a smaller piece here with almost any other kinda seafood, and yes, I have asked for my own combo that wasn't up on the board. So does anyone know of any other seafood BBQ stalls that serve such combo meals???

The S$7.00 BBQ Stingray and mussels combo is my regular pick for dinner. I like mine with a little less hot sauce, thank you. The pix below is one I 'ta-pow' or a takeaway order so trust me, it looks more appetizing on a plate than in a styrofoam box here. :P


ice said...

Wow! I've never seen a stall like that! Rice served with seafood of your choice. Looks damn delicious. Plain rice?

Cavalock said...

yah, it's great! That's plain rice. FIrst time I ever seen a stall with such combo meals too.