Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cavalock and The Geek Food Odyssey

What an incredible weekend! Oh, next couple posts are all nerdy, geeky stuff so turn back now or forever be nerdified.

Last Saturday and Sunday was the Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention and boy, did I have a blast! More on that in another post.

Well, the fun actually started on the Tuesday before the convention when I met up again with Marvel Comics’ C.B. Cebulski (who’s also an avid food blogger at his Eataku) at Oriental Mandarin and brought him to Old Airport Road for a late breakfast or was it early lunch? Anyway you can find those pix at his food blog. It’s his second trip here and this time he wanted at least a day away from the posh touristy food joints. We were joined later by those great, crazy guys from HereBeGeeks, Red Dot Diva and Ryan.

It was a non-stop feeding odyssey! 20 dishes in 10.5 hours across the island! And as for the lack of food pix ...hmmmmm... just felt more like eating than clicking that day. <^;^>

From Old Airport Road, we had lor mee, wanton mee, prawn mee, chee cheong fun, bean curd, sugarcane drinks and a big plate of kuay chap and pig innards before 2pm!

Then a cab ride to Joo Chiat for bak kut tay, one regular pepper bowl and another with their special herbal soup. Followed by Chinese desserts like pomelo mango pudding at Katong and we are off to Hong Lim Complex in Chinatown for more! Too bad the popular crayfish hor fun was all sold out when we got there but we soon found ourselves staring at more wanton mee, minced pork noodles, sour plum lime juice and curry noodles.

A short break at Café Iguana. Well, I didn’t drink for obvious reasons. Next and final stop, the open air East Coast food centre, think that’s the official name. We had prawn paste chicken, oyster omelet, chicken wings, satay (pork, pork belly and mutton) and sambal stingray.

And that’s a wrap! Burp!


M. eats said...

wow, such a fun trip! how come i never get to host anyone? ok, don't answer. but anyways, that was a lot of food. i hope there was more than the 2 of you to help wallop them all! :)

Cavalock said...

Oh no, there were 4 by the time we left Old Airport Road, then more joined us at Hong Lim and finally bout 10 of us at east coast. ;P