Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cavalock and The Freshness Burger Overload

Finally found the time for a quick foodie blog! It's a difficult month, daily trips to SGH meant almost no time or energy for whipping up a home-cooked meal or dining at any fancy new restaurant.

But all is not lost! My new favorite fast-food joint is now Freshness Burger, at The Central near River Valley not cos it's just few bus stops from SGH, it's also cos the food is great and they play music from the 50s' and 60s'! <^;^>

I know I did a short write-up on them a couple posts back, but here we got a whole post just on them cos I like them that much.

It's not everyday you get a burger joint that offers HP sauce. One gripe is the size of their burgers, a little smaller compared to McD and the rest. I thought their beef burger was a little too dry. So I guess you can tell, that's not my favorite thing on their menu.

This is what I like up there, their Spam Burger. Yup, that is a slice of spam in the bun but that's not the star. The star's the gorgeous runny egg that oozes out yummy yolk upon your first bite. What other fast food burger joint serves that???

As for my ultimate favorite thing on the menu, that's got to be the Cheese Dog! Lotsa beautiful melted cheese on a hot dog, top it up with mustard and ketchup. Can't go wrong with that rite? And did I mention you get to listen to Elvis while eating a cheese dog?

Before and After pix! After I top it up with you-know-what. :P

A couple of their sides stand out too. I thought their popovers were pretty good. Simple, fluffy enough for me and the cream cheese was alright too.

Their Hokkaido potato slices, very nice as well. Thick tasty slices and not to be confused with their French fries which were just average.


red fir said...

Your mom? Hope she's well.

Cavalock said...

Thanks, yes it's my mom, bravest and strongest woman in the world.