Saturday, June 04, 2011

Cavalock and The Gnocchi Discovery

It took me a long time but I finally found myself some gnocchi! Maybe it's the Italian joints I used to go to but gnocchi is not a dish you often see on their menus. Anyway, thanks to epicurative's post on Da Luca, an Italian restaurant at Goldhill Plaza, I got to have my first taste of spinach gnocchi. It was pure melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I guess there's not much in terms of texture but the taste was just right with a light sweetness to it.

The rocket salad with pear and cheese was also a nice choice before the gnocchi main course. You got the cheese and sweet slices of pear in a right combo with the crunchy rocket leaves. Yah, the shots aren't that great cos of the dim restaurant lighting and all.

All right! Now that I got the gnocchi ticked off my list but doesn't mean I don't want any more gnocchi, but the next thing I got to try is a Philly Cheesesteak. Just like gnocchi, I read a lot about it, seen a lot of it on TV but have yet to try it. So wish me luck!


ice said...

Now there's lobster roll at Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House at Gemmill Lane! But it's $45 for A Lobster roll. =S

Cavalock said...

Yikes! $45 for a lobster roll is way too much. I'll rather buy a frozen lobster at that price and give it a shot myself. ;)