Monday, March 14, 2011

Cavalock and That Burning Sensation

Hah, I got that burning sensation but it's not down where you might it is. Finally got a one them creme brulee torch and put it to good use over the weekend.

Was fun but had a bit of trouble attaching the gas can to the torch. Gotta twist it a bit. But it works fine and I can't wait to try it out again. What else can I do with it, any suggestions?

Posted a pix of it in action to my gamer friends. Now this is a bunch of ultimate geeky guys who wouldn't think twice about paying a grand for the latest gadget or game. This was what most of them got (some more than one), actual size light sabers from this site. So I sent them a pix of the torch in action and challenged them to a light saber duel. :P


ice said...

Aburi sushi!

You made those creme brulee? Awesome!

Cavalock said...

Nah, i didn't do that, wish i could.

well, as for the aburi sushi, i would have to learn how to make sushi first? <^;^>

anyway, saw on TV, how they were caramlizing fruits. that looks easy.