Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cavalock and The Maddening March Munchies

Figured I'll let the pictures do some of the talking this time. Some good stuff I had in March. Now despite the lack of Japanese food pix, I did have some Japanese food. ;)

Table for four for dinner at French joint Absinthe in/near Chinatown. Took the tasting menu, good choice.

Something spicy for lunch at Katong. What else but the famous 328 Katong Laksa.

Dinner was spicy too with an S$8 stingray. Been ages since I had one, it was alright but not as much meat as I hoped it would have.

Finally! The 'Lock has come back to Tom's Palette! (Bonus points to anyone who knows the reference there). You are looking at a delicious scoop of Kampong Kueh flavor ice cream, that's coconut, banana and gula melaka! I luv all three by themselves but together, it's like a crazy little ice cream party in your mouth!

Spoke to the owner, well, I think he's the owner or maybe he's Tom or maybe they are the same...anyway, he said they are gonna be having waffles to go with the their ice cream soon. There'll be garlic and cinnamon waffles (separately, not in one gawddamn waffle!) and it sounds interesting.

Some very, very yummy homemade macaroons and a cup of Nespresso here. Good afternoon coffee break there. Don't forget to give a tick in any of the little boxes below! <^;^>


ice said...

Haven't been in the mood to check out new places or dine out lately. Absinthe... you're more happening than me haha.

Cavalock said...

The plan was to tell them I'm a food blogger and not pay a cent for my meal. That didn't exactly worked out the way i wanted. :P