Monday, November 15, 2010

Cavalock and His Hot Italian Date

Oh, who am I kidding...I was home alone when I whipped up my version of an Italian pasta salad for lunch. It's been awhile but I figured instead of talking bout somebody else's joint, I'll do a post on something I did, that I'm happy with.

What you got here is a little pasta salad that I came up with. Having mean, gotten a whole bunch of food magazines on my iPad, I decided to take bits and pieces from different pasta salad recipes, put them together, improvise here and there and see what comes outta it.

It's really, really easy and I did it in like 45 minutes, most of it were spent just waiting for the the pasta, prawns and broccoli to cook.

You decide how much macaroni, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and prawns you like. Next, prepare the other ingredients and here's where I start doing a little 'free-styling', like when the recipe calls for extra virgin oil, I use grape seed oil. Just two tablespoons of grape seed oil and a teaspoon of sugar when mixing everything up later, the only time I added salt was when boiling the macaroni.

The other major thing I subbed out was the parmesan cheese that most recipes asked for. I decided at the very last minute to use some raisins instead. Turned out to be a great move, I thought the taste of the raisins complemented the other vegetables nicely.

It was quite a huge bowl and I thought there was no way I was gonna finish it. Guess what, I wolfed it down while standing in the kitchen. If I do say so myself, I thought it was that good that I literally couldn't put the bowl down. <^;^>

And what better way to complete an Italian date than with my popular Affogato. You just can't go wrong with that. ;)

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