Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cavalock and The Docomo Delay

Got to admit I haven't been eating out at any new joints lately. Thought I would free after that last gig but ended up spending most of last week at home writing more stuff. Anyway I did managed to find some time to finally make a return visit to Liang Court or to be more specific, Meidi-Ya supermarket.

But before that, you can't visit Liang Court without dropping by the basement Tampopo Deli for their ever popular cream puffs. That's them on the bottom row and that's the Pont Neuf top left and banana caramel tart top right.

Walking to the supermarket, look what I found. Looks like Japanese mobile phone operator Docomo has finally decided to open a store right here in Singapore.

Talk about too little, too late. From like five or six years ago till last year, I was praying that we could lay our hands on those cool, crazy ass Japanese handphones here. That is until I got my iPhone 3GS, after that nothing even comes close.

Didn't take any pix in the shop but yah, they do have those stylo Japanese flip handphones here at last. A recent survey showed that iPhone in Japan is like 40% of the smartphone market. So I guess since they are losing market share back home, they finally decided to go global? Too late bub.

So in Meidi-Ya, I saw this new Kit Kat pop choc. Looks yummy but almost S$9 for it? Nah, I'll pass especially since there's a tag that says it's only £1.99!

The other new thing I spotted, beer! Japanese LUXURY beer to be exact. Yah, it does sound pretty cool.

Umenishiki beer comes in a bunch of different flavors, six I think. And a few have won some local and international beer awards. They aren't cheap but then again, it does say 'luxury' beer so I guess you are expected to buy more, from S$10.50 to like S$11.50.

So did I get one? Hell yah, have yet to try it. Just one bottle first, if it's good and I like it, I'll go try the rest. See, it promises a 'luxurious time', can't wait for that. <^;^>

And here's another shot of it so you can see exactly how big it is. Check out the bag of brains behind the can of Sapporo beer!


red fir said...

What's that bag of brains? Haha I think you are more a beer guzzler than a dessert person.

Cavalock said...

nah, i only drink once a week average. definitely way more dessert in a week than booze. ;0