Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cavalock and The Weeklong Dinner Dash

We dined out three times this week! From healthy dishes at Muji to artery-clogging BBQ beef at our fav Japanese yakiniku joint Wa Don-Don over at Duxton Hill. I guess seeing what everyone has just gone through with the semi-Lockdown, we aren't the only couple on the island to go a little overboard with the whole dining-out thing this week. No apologies for pigging out!

Now we got this generous gift from the Baker-at-Home's Japanese friend in Tokyo last month, it's a box of instant traditional Japanese soup by Kagafu Fumuro-Ya. But the cool thing is it comes in a wafer cube that you crack open before pouring the hot water, and releasing all colourful ingredients and flavour. We like the Miso and Dashi flavours. It's things like these that really make us miss our trips to Japan. 


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