Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cavalock Spends Saturday In The Park

Just like that Chicago song, we spent Saturday in a park in Tokyo. Weather was a little cloudy but nice and chilly. We took the morning train to Daikanyama for breakfast. My love for pancakes started when I was a kid back in the old family home when my late aunt would make me some Bird Eye's pancakes. So the baker-at-home did her research and came up with Ivy Place at Shibuya-ku.

Their classic buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and fresh fruits were as good as I hoped they would be. Thick and fluffy, I was stuffed when I finished all three. Great ambience, probably the one I loved most for this trip. You got this spacious restaurant in the middle of a lush green setting. A cute little dog park, an amazing book store, bike shop, just to name a few cool outlets around the area. I think if anyone coming to Tokyo should at least spend one morning having breakfast or just strolling through the suburbs here.

Ah, homemade hot apple cider. I can't tell you how long I waited for this. The last time I had real hot apple cider was in New York about 20 years ago. This is soooooo good. Had to savour it a little sip at a time.

This eye-catching Shaun Shibuya exhibition was a photo favourite among everyone at the park. Yah, that be my sneakers and I heard they caught the eye of some locals too. <^:^>

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