Friday, January 06, 2017

Cavalock and The New Year Cake Crave

Cake. It was a bizarre almost insatiable craving for cake, sweet moist cake that nearly drove me nuts over the New Year holiday weekend. I can't explain it or know how it started, well, I suppose looking at online pix of cakes from around the world might have played a role in it. Had some fruits and even a cream puff but they were no substitute for cake.

Well, I finally got my cake on the fourth day of 2017. A nice big slice of Japanese matcha white chocolate cake from Sunday Folks. Well worth the wait. Man, the joint was crazy packed on a workday afternoon. Is school out or something?

Spotted this opening just down the road from the old family home. Looking forward to checking it out. So what was good in 2016? The TV series that surprised me ... in a good way was The Exorcist. Only ten episodes long and although it started off pretty slow, the plot twist midway elevated the show into one of the best horror series out there right now. Especially if you enjoyed the original movie, this is definitely worth taking a look.

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