Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cavalock and The Fukubukuro Bag Grab Part Deux

We did it last year so we are doing it again this year and because I could never say 'no' to a bit of gamble or tikam ever since my booster-opening days with Magic: The Gathering. But I digress. It's time for this year's Fukubukuro raid at Isetan. Just like last year, there were lucky bags filled with mystery gifts for sale at Isetan. I got a more detailed explanation of what's it all about in last year's post. When you have almost zero Chinese New Year visitation obligations like me and the baker-at-home, this is what we do. Pros and cons of coming from a very small and intimate family I suppose.

For this year, Isetan listed the contents of their mystery food bag and it was almost the same as what we got last year. I don't know why they did it as it very much took the fun out of it. No more mystery there. Except for a couple of items like the Apple Juice and Japanese beer, we ended up giving away most of last year's stuff, and I think the soap is still somewhere in the drawer. Naturally we didn't wanna go through that again and decided to try our luck with the S$88 household Fukubukuro bag instead. But no, they didn't provide a list here so we had no idea what's inside. So here's our loot.

No complaints here. The Panasonic iron will definitely come in handy right now as ours is on the fritz. The others will be of use eventually, one day, somewhere somehow. 

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