Monday, April 11, 2016

Cavalock and The Obligatory Thai Food College

Still continuing my long overdue Thai vacation and of cos it's time for the traditional obligatory overseas food college. To be honest, we didn't try a lot of the street food as even my Thai cousin advised us not to. Absolutely enjoyed every meal we had in Bangkok.

Spotted this at a local supermarket in Bangkok and couldn't resist grabbing a pack. Fried chrysalis, not something you see everyday back home so why not? Yah, I know. No street food but ok with sampling some slightly questionable fried bugs or insect pupas.

Well, the pupas were definitely larger than what I expected. Not the tastiest things I ever tasted out of a big. Texture-wise it's kinda like eating paper, as in little pieces of paper. Tastes a little eggy too. Maybe I should have picked the green seaweed flavour pack instead.

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