Friday, April 15, 2016

Cavalock and The Forbidden Coconut Compendium

Ah, the things I find in Bangkok that I wish we had more of back home. Knorr Pork Cubes is something you won't find in our supermarkets here for obvious reasons, so naturally we had to grab a pack when we saw them on sale. Haven't used them yet!

I lost count of the number of the things I wanted to buy but didn't.  Coconut oil and cream! They had all kinds of coconut oil for a multitude of uses. You put them in your food, spread them on your body, slap them on your face, it's all supposed to be good for you. I don't know if they all work but I do know that the baker in the house stopped me from buying any.

Believe it or not, one of my favorite desserts or snacks there wasn't a Thai delicacy but a treat that I had before, in Tokyo. Found the Bake outlet in Bangkok and immediately wolfed down one them heavenly cheese tarts. Now just waiting for their outlet here to open at ION basement.

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