Friday, December 25, 2015

Cavalock and The Christmas Day Morning Post

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Spotted these new Pringles at Meidi-Ya and it got me thinking bout my family and going up in the old family home. Yah, we had the original plain Pringles back when I was a kid and it was one of the rare snacks that I actually took a liking to. We celebrated Christmas back then but it was more for my benefit than a religious thing. We had a small Christmas tree too and I remembered my Dad brought me to one them kids' Christmas party at Mandarin Hotel. My aunts and uncles are all gone now and it will be a very quiet Christmas again. Been awhile since I exchanged gifts at an office party or dropped by any holiday gatherings. After a couple of years, you tell yourself you'll get used to it but what they say bout the holiday blues is sorta true I guess. Kids, be grateful for all the folks around you this Christmas!

Another reason why it's always an eye-opener to visit Liang Court. Nope, I didn't bring a sample home with me. <^;^>

No room for any Christmas tree in my tiny apartment but I did receive a free little Lego tree Christmas tree ornament when I purchased my Doctor Who Lego set.

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