Monday, December 07, 2015

Cavalock and The Desperate Dinner Dash

There are a few ways I like to end an exhausting day of running errands with. One's boardgaming and another's enjoying a good hearty meal. And since Im not with the guys last week, dinner plans were made. First stop was The Daily Cut at Raffles Place. Excellent piece of ribeye steak with a good selection of sides at a rather reasonable price and if you don't mind jostling with the CBD office crowd, this is a really neat place for a meaty meal at a speedy fast food pace.

For dessert, it was just a one train station stop away to Tuk Tuk Cha at Suntec City. Nice hot Thai tea with their signature toast and tea kaya dip. Enjoyed the thai tea way more than the toast cos I thought it was kinda bland until you had to dip it in kaya, then it became wee bit too sweet. Anyway it was still a pretty cool way to close the day with a mini-food dash.

Well, Christmas is almost here and that usually means a couple of constants. One is the baker-in-the-house goes into full baking overdrive mode, churning out her famous rum-soaked fruitcake orders. The other is me digging into my annual Christmas songs playlist. Now that I got me a new big ass iPhone 6S Plus, I have been busy downloading more holiday songs. Now all I need is a bluetooth speaker but in the meantime I'll be blasting Mr. Dean Martin on my little iPhone speaker.

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