Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cavalock and The Tasty Treat Trinity

It's a luxury these days to be able to get out of the house and enjoy a pleasant meal somewhere or anywhere. Well, we were lucky enough to do just that last week, not once but three times! I just can't get enough of this traditional Teochew pork trotter jelly and shark's meat dish ever since I was a kid back in the old family home. Am rather fortunate that my current tiny apartment is just a stone's throw away from Jalan Berseh Food Centre where one can still find one of the last few stalls still serving this Teochew delicacy. That delicious collagen-turned-geletin is such a sinful pleasure. And once you dip that fresh shark's meat in that homemade plum sauce, the experience is just out of this world. All that below for only S$8.

And we managed to venture a little further too! Walked past this place at Millenia Walk numerous times but we finally decide to drop by for dessert at Patisserie G last Saturday nite. The S$8 caramel-glazed chouz puff is my favourite. Hey, it's better than my attempt a decade ago! Not the cheapest dessert joint around but good for the occasional sweet treat. Another restaurant or cafe on our visit list was Do.main Bakery along Tanjong Katong Road. Had the savoury oxtail stew pie which I really enjoyed but could definitely do with a larger piece.

So I was watching the Saturday Night Live season finale the other day and comedian host Louis C.K. was delivering the opening monologue which I thought was simply brilliant and of cos, hilarious. I could so totally relate to the "mild racism" bit and how people were less uptight bout stuff back in those days. Its like how everyone now is so concerned about being politically correct and not offending anyone that is driving folks today crazy. It's simply ridiculous to see people I know and admire wade through a "politically correct" minefield for fear of stepping on someone's toes. Just what kinda life are you living if you are so easily offended by so many things around you? Want to revive the old kampong spirit, then try to develop some thick skin. Growing up, we kids were calling each other names that would be considered politically incorrect or even offensive by today's standards but no cared, we all just laughed it off and remained friends. Try calling someone any of those names now and you'll have a lynch mob at your doorsteps or worse still, HR.

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