Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cavalock and The Power Rice Equation

Rice. It's something we all had more than our share of since we were kids. I remember growing up whenever I could eat out, it was always either hotdogs or noodles, just to get away from the boring rice back home. Anyway recently we found a way to jazz up dinnertime with these packs of Rice Booster 15 from Japan. Filled with grains and seeds, it's supposed to be healthier and it definitely does make an otherwise plain bowl of rice a little tastier too. Just sprinkle a couple of tea-spoonfuls into the rice cooker. Damn! I wish someone is paying me for these 'endorsements'. But seriously, if you haven't tried it, it won't hurt to give this a shot. You can find them at, where else but Meidi-Ya supermarket.

Been a little busy with something I found online. This is sooooo cool. Since our dear government is such an advocate of lifelong learning, I figured I'd sign up for one of these. A whole selection of free online courses on Ancient and Medieval History. Hah, guess which one I signed up for. And yes, there are assignments and tests but it's always a good thing if you are studying something you are really passionate about. If only they had such courses here instead of Additional Maths when I was in school.

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