Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cavalock and The Serious Raid at Legoland

Thank gawd for friends with cars, we get to visit joints in faraway hideaways on elevated highlands like Dempsey Hill. Japanese cafe Henri Charpentier was the venue of an after-dinner rendezvous and it was our first time there. Classy decor, great service and an enticing baked selection. Clockwise we had the lemon tart, mille-crepe, strawberry shortcake and mont blanc. All the desserts were as gratifying as hyped up to be and we were already making plans to return for lunch soon.

Their French signature flaming crepe suzette was good but I ain't exactly a Grand Marnier fan, bit too tangy for me. If you had enough of hipster cafes, then this is a relaxing alternative place to hang out or maybe impress a date. We are definitely looking forward to exploring the rest of the menu some day (two words!).

At last, I crossed the border to Legoland Tijuana Johor Bahru but this is not like any other Legoland Malaysia guide, this is how to get in without buying the entry fee and go on a madcap 45-minute shopping spree. Yes, I'm talking bout a serious freakin' raid!

So here's the deal if you just want to shop at Legoland and not visit the theme park. You need to pay a 155 ringgit deposit which you'll get back when you spend 100 ringgit or more, yeah I said 'when' instead of 'if' cos we all know what's gonna happen. And you'll have only 45 minutes to do your shopping.

Right now they have the Chinese New Year Lego sheep/goat/ram figure promo but only if you buy certain sets or themes like Ninjago. I bought a buncha Star Wars sets so I didn't get it but I got packs of Lego ang pows instead. :(. Price wise it's almost the same as what we are paying here and if you factor in transport charges and the hassle of carrying the big boxes on the buses like I did, then I would strongly suggest you just get it in Singapore. BUT if you can get some kind discount then it's worth a trip. :)

Their build-a-minifigure selection is pretty good. I managed to build nine different ones and could have easily made a dozen. It's almost as good as the one I went to in NYC Times Square IMHO. Cheaper too if you consider the current exchange rate! Their pick-a-brick wall looks a lot better than any wall we have here. Now 45 minutes ain't a lot of time cos if you plan to pick bricks and build those cute little minifigures, you won't have time for much shopping.

There you go, if you are a Lego collector, there ought to be something at Legoland Malaysia that you can't find back home in Singapore or cheaper in JB than at our local stores. Good luck!

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